• The only yellow in my lawn is the flags they leave. Great service, affordable price. They are very responsive any time I call. They even called me to tell me my sprinkler was broken to save further dry damage. Been a customer for around 5 years and don’t plan on changing. Highly recommend! - Tim M (New Port Richey)

  • I was using a competing company for almost 5 years when I received a knock on the door from sales rep Derrick.  He was in my neighborhood servicing another neighbors yard when he decided to make a few cold calls.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I knew what was going on with my yard (I had recently fired my previous lawn service because I noticed I might have some chinch-bugs in an area that was prone to these nasty creatures as well as weed areas that never seemed to be cleared) so I decided to give him and his company a shot.  I walked my yard with Derrick and he pointed out some concerned areas in my yard and as well as my shrubs.  We discussed a plan of attack and then the monthly fee (same as my previous company!).  I was extremely pleased with what he told me regarding my yard and the monthly fee.  I agreed to start service immediately.  He went down to talk to his technician who was working on my neighbors yard.  Minutes later, Derrick was back in my yard with technician Mike.  Mike found the chinch-bugs right away in my front yard (2 spots) and made some observations of other areas of concern.  At that moment, I knew I was in good hands.  While Mike was tending to my yard, Derrick walked my property and noticed some other items which warranted my attention - including an opening in my concrete which needed to be patched to avoid any critters from getting in to my attic.  I truly appreciated the attention Derrick gave to my lawn & home during his initial inspection as well as the time that Mike spent taking care of my yard, shrubs and "weeds" growing through my paver driveway.  Although this was my first application, I am very happy with their service and look forward to continuing my service with Southern Lawn Care Lawn & Pest!! - Lisa L (Palm Harbor)

  • I'll come right out and say I'm very frugal and normally I take care of everything with my own lawn however after only one application, that was very inexpensive I went from worst to first in terms of my subdivision and having the greenest grass !! They not only gave me the greenest grass in my subdivision they also with their application to cure any bugs and weeds that were growing I couldn't be happier and they are the only company that I will use. - Christopher N (Palm Harbor)

  • Welcome to Florida! It is extremely difficult to maintain a gorgeous green lawn without battling cinch bugs, mole crickets, ants and other unmentionable creatures. Gorgeous lawns need constant attention and this can be very time consuming. Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of extra time to devote to our lawn. While we were looking to purchase a home --- we noticed all the pristine lawns were serviced by Southern Care Lawns, Inc (they all had the little stakes advertising that their lawns had been sprayed, etc). We have been using them for a year and I have never been more pleased with a lawn service. They provide fertilization, insect control, weed and disease control for our lawn and shrubs. We've had a couple of tough areas in our yard that have been turning yellow due to new construction on either side -- Southern Care Lawn came out repeatedly until the yellow was a lush green -- they take great pride in their work and best of all -- reasonably priced, NO contracts and NO high pressure sales. Contact them for a free evaluation -- so glad we did. - Erin P

  • Excellent Job!  -  Courtney B.

  • Mike and John... I just wanted to take this time to compliment you and your team for a great job you have done for us.  My wife and I have lived in Tampa for the past 5 years and we have used other lawn services but have always been unhappy with the lack of customer service. When we call you with a question or a problem you come out the same day or the next day. It makes us feel relieved that we don’t have to make 4-6 calls to get a response. I have been in the service business myself for most of my career and I can tell you what I have seen so far, your team is top shelf. Thanks again and keep up the great work!!!  -  Bill (Tampa)

  • Thank you for your efforts.  Lawn always looks nice.  -  Don (Trinity)

  • Everything is looking great.  Thanks!  -  Bobby (Wesley Chapel)

  • We love our lawn now!!  -  Lynda (Largo)

  • Owned and operated by a university degreed horticulturist. They fertilize our lawn (and several of our neighbors) with granular fertilizer always accompanied by expert diagnosis. They also treat our lawn for weeds and insects. Their crews are courteous and offer excellent insights on lawn and tree/shrub care. And they've been particularly effective in treating Chinch Bugs. That's been a big challenge in our neighborhood due to several foreclosed homes that are not being maintained properly. What's really refreshing is that Mike and John, the owners, are out in the field every day, often responding to customer service calls for bug issues, etc. And customers are never billed for those special calls. They also work closely with our landscaper. In fact, whenever the landscaper notices anything problematic with the lawn, he calls Southern Care directly and they typically respond within a day. It is worth noting is that I underestimated the complexity of maintaining a St. Augustine lawn on a year-round basis. And I initially tried to fertilize my lawn using off-the-shelf products. Fortunately, the pros at Southern Care were able to reverse most of the lawn damage I caused.

  • Thanks for your great service!  -  Savilla (Dunedin)

  • Thanks for taking care of my lawn. It means a lot to me. Can’t tell you how many people stop and tell compliment.  -  Helen (Clearwater)

  • Thank you for always taking such good care of the lawn and being concerned about me. This means a lot. Thank you!  -  Eloise (Lutz)

  • Thank you so much. I am surprised how well the grass is responding.  -  Kim (Tampa)

  • A competitor asked us to switch. We said we had the best. No way!  -  Barbara (Tampa)

  • Great Job! We are so pleased with your service!  -  Richard (Land O’ Lakes)

  • I think the lawn has improved already since your service started.  -  Bill (Palm Harbor)

  • Sean let me know what was done on my lawn. This was appreciated.  -  Frances (Clearwater)

  • Thank you for a quick response to the problem on the west side of our house.  -  Paul (Tarpon Springs)

  • I received a brochure on your new Ecosential Moisture Manager in late March and reviewed the information. The new treatment seemed to be based on sound principals. The treatment stated that it would keep the lawn green and plants moist even with the current watering restrictions allowing for a significant reduction in water usage for lawn and plant irrigation. I had the treatment applied to our yard the first of April and by mid month could not believe the results. The lawn irrigation was cut back 50% and the lawn and plants remained green and blooming. The second treatment was applied last week as I am completely sold on the benefits of the program. Reduced lawn irrigation and a great looking yard.  Thanks for the information and the excellent service.  -  Steve H.

  • Prior to the first rainfall, your first application of Moisture Manager worked great. Lawn looked fresher with one of day weeks.  -  Dan

  • Thank you. Our lawn has never looked this good.  -  Joann (Dunedin)

  • We appreciate your thorough report.  Thank you.  -  Natalie (Land O Lakes)

  • Thanks to you our lawns is finally looking better.   -  Tommy (Land O Lakes)

  • I see an improvement after only two treatments.  -  Chuck (Belleaire Beach)

  • Thank you for taking us back and your great care.  -  Diane (Land O Lakes)

  • Thank you for great service!  -  Joyce (Palm Harbor)

  • Thank you for your great service!  -  Morrie (Holiday)

  • Thanks for taking the time to write down comments for me to read and know.  -  Virginia (Land O Lakes)

  • Thanks to you and your crew for making our lawn one of the best in the neighborhood!  I am completely satisfied and am suggesting to my neighbors that they give you a call.  -  David (Dunedin)

  • Thank you for your help and detailed comments.  My lawn has improved greatly.  -  Sue (St. Petersburg)

  • For the first time in 3 years we are getting compliments on how our yard looks.  You and your tech's are totally responsible for the improvement.  We will recommend you and continue to sing your praises. A million thanks for the hard work and the good care we are receiving.  -  Jack (New Port Richey)

  • Thanks so much for taking such good care of my lawn.  -  Sandra (Wesley Chapel)

  • Thank you for a good job.  -  Henry (Palm Harbor)

  • Thanks for a job well done.  -  Sylvia (Wesley Chapel)

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